Preliminary advice, support and training

A full range of high-added-value services for machinery that is always efficient and productive. To ensure a complete service and real added advantages to the customer, B-Mec offers various plans for advice, pre- and post-sales support for grinding and polishing machines, maintenance and revamping.


thanks to our technical department devoted specifically to the conception, design and development of customised machinery, components and equipment, B-Mec produces fully customised work islands according to the customer’s specific needs. By collaborating closely with each customer, our technical department carries out preliminary feasibility studies, including starting from the part required or from the finished product.

Testing and training

Grinding, polishing and cleaning machines for metals and plastics produced by B-Mec are installed and tested directly in-house, to ensure optimal assembly and operation of the plant. All staff using the plant are also suitably trained for the safe and efficient use of individual instruments and the work islands.


Through our specialised teams, B-Mec ensures support for grinders, polishers and cleaning and satinising machinery, including those of other brands and manufacturers. The company also provides a remote support service, thanks to a dedicated remote monitoring system installed on machinery and islands, enabling an immediate check of the correct operation of the same.

Grinders, polishers and work islands

In-house technical department, custom design and after-sales support

Plant customisation

B-Mec ensures fully customised polishing, cleaning and grinding plant for the customer, offering the perfect response to their production needs, sized according to the real requirements of the company and developed according to the characteristics of the materials to be processed.

Analysis and prototyping

Starting from the finished piece required by the customer, B-Mec performs preliminary analyses and prototyping to support the customer from the very beginning of the processing, in this way being a real design partner able to optimise the costs and stages of the entire business process.

Inspection-overhaul and revamping

The support service for grinding and polishing machines offered by B-Mec includes the inspection-overhaul and revamping of machinery, to ensure customers consistently efficient and high-performance plant that represents real value for money.