Equipment for grinding,
polishing metals and other materials

The extensive experience of B-Mec’s owners in the production of machines for the surface treatment of metals and other materials, such as alloys and plastics, together with a deep knowledge of the target market, increasingly differentiated by particular needs, has enabled the company to develop and offer a complete range of grinding, cleaning, polishing and satinising equipment as well as a wide range of additional accessories and machines for additional processing.
B-Mec’s production includes single units for polishing and grinding islands, manual cleaners and grinders, semi-automatic machines and mechanical creations for multiple applications and product sectors.
With the aim of ensuring customers highly customised plant, sized appropriately for the company’s production throughput and designed for the characteristics of the materials to be processed, B-Mec is able to supply all types of options and accessories to optimise the efficiency and flexibility of their systems and their work islands.

For this reason, grinding and polishing equipment is also developed at the customer’s request and our technical department is always at your disposal to offer you the best specific advice on each different working situation.
Independent polishing and grinding units, including, for example, the control of pressures, compensations, speeds and paste dosage, are used to equip the robotic work islands with tools to increase precision, safety and flexibility. Careful customisation of the equipment chosen is therefore essential, to optimise the hourly capacity as well as the types, dimensions and characteristics of the materials to be processed and the desired finishes.

B-Mec’s goal is to provide the best specialist advice, to get to the most appropriate technological solution that combines productivity, durability and cost-effectiveness for its customers.