Rotary Tables

Rotary tables and aggregates for grinding and polishing

Specialising in the design and production of systems for surface processing and finishing of metals and other materials, B-Mec produces rotary tables for polishing and grinding, both continuous and in bursts, custom produced according to the characteristics of the materials to be processed and the specific production needs of the customer.
Ideal for use in the most diverse product sectors, the B-Mec polishing and grinding rotary tables are at their best in fields such as furniture and designer items, household goods and home appliances, electronics, fashion and accessories, small metal parts and components.
The production of rotating tables for polishing and grinding and the related aggregates are principally categorised as:

  • continuous rotary tables: advised for large-scale production runs, strong to prevent vibrations and custom made according to the production needs of every customer;
  • rotary tables running in bursts: ideal for smaller-scale production runs that require more precision on all sides of the workpiece. On request, they can be equipped with a greater number of spindles to increase their productivity.

The rotary tables for the surface treatment of metals made by B-Mec, guaranteed and CE-certified according to the latest regulations, can be equipped with fully customised cleaning and grinding aggregates and are distinguished by different degrees of complexity, integration, automation and production capacity.

All the machines are designed to create independent units and work islands that are highly flexible, easy to use and that offer high performance throughout their lifetime.

Thanks also to the full range of support and maintenance services, B-Mec guarantees the in-house installation and testing of its rotary polishing and grinding tables, the professional training of company staff and constant support including remotely, as well as the periodic maintenance and inspection-overhaul of plant to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity at all times.