Polishing machines

Custom flatbed polishing machines

Thanks to the substantial experience gained in the field and our deep knowledge of the very different needs of a diverse and heterogeneous sector, B-Mec designs and manufactures flatbed polishing machines for metals, from steel to aluminium to brass and other alloys, ideal for the processing of flat and curved materials up to 8 meters long and 1 meter wide. All B-Mec polishing machines are produced according to customer requirements to ensure high-performance plant that is very efficient and functional.

B-Mec’s production includes flatbed polishing machines specially made for the material to be processed (not simply adapted from existing designs) with the following technical characteristics:

  • from 1 meter up to 8 meters long and 1 meter wide;
  • from 1 to 4 independent heads, each with discs that mount variable-speed motors;
  • manual or automatic loading system.

Ideal for polishing different materials and especially metals such as steel, brass and aluminium, the B-Mec flatbed polishing machines are particularly appreciated in the fields of household goods, home appliances, furniture and designer items and accessories: areas in which the company is now a benchmark for great flexibility, production quality and attention to the customer.
The polishing systems are characterised by excellent stability and no vibrations, a key feature obtained thanks to B-Mec’s extensive manufacturing experience which makes their plant very efficient, high-performance and durable.
The B-Mec flatbed polishing machines are equipped with software specifically for remote support which allows the company to intervene quickly when needed, even over long distances. The full customisation of the machines, possible thanks to the close collaboration between the in-house technical studio and the customer, allows us to create flatbed polishing machines perfectly sized for the needs and the production throughput of the customer and that are integrated with the particular equipment and components for the most diverse applications.

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Lucidatrici a bancale Brescia
Lucidatrici a bancale Brescia
Lucidatrici a bancale Brescia